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What to Expect when Boarding Your Dog

Taking care of your pup while you are away or during their training is totally our thing, and we appreciate you choosing us! Our goal is to make sure your pup’s stay is as comfortable and stimulating as possible, and that you have peace of mind while you’re away relaxing or while they are in one of our training programs.

Checking in your dog for boarding or board and train only takes a few minutes, but we want to be thorough to ensure your dog will be receiving the best experience. Here are some things to expect when using K-9 Culture for dog boarding or board and training in the Dallas / DFW Metro area:


Our desk team will always ask you about the following at check-in:

Confirmation of your pick-up date & time

Saving a credit card to your account; You can do this in advance

Contact information for someone who will be in the area in the unlikely event of an emergency

Double checking you have brought right amount of food

Asking about any diet issues or special feeding requirements

Asking about medications and ensuring we have them

Some LABELing goes a Long Way!

Make sure to label all items with your dog’s first and last name!

Please bring medication in an organized pill divider or bottle, not mixed into their food. If you do not have a pill divider, our desk team can prepare your pup’s medications for an additional fee. Please bring each medication in their original bottles with instructions.

Be prepared to provide our desk with your dog’s medication instructions at check-in.

Please send only enough food for your dog’s stay. We strongly encourage you to send your dog’s food pre-bagged in zip lock baggie for each meal. For example, a baggie for AM meal and baggie for PM meal. This ensures that your dog has enough food for the entire stay. If you are unable to pre-bag food, please do the following: Food can be sent in a large zip lock bag, in a Tupperware type container, or any other sort of plastic container. Please do not send food in any sort of bag that doesn’t zip lock.

We ask that you do not send the whole bag of dog food that you buy from the store unless your dog will be staying for an extended period-of-time.

If you’d like your pup to get a bath or grooming for your dog before going home just let us know. More info on our Dallas Dog Grooming


They’re so busy playing with their best friends that they barely have time to miss their toys! Don’t worry, we provide cots and tons of love, so please leave their toys, beds, bowls, rawhides, etc. at home! We sanitize our bowls, toys, and beds daily, and wash bedding between dogs, or as it is soiled. Extra items from home can sometimes get misplaced if they need cleaned and many items you may be fine with at home can be a choking hazard we prefer to avoid.


Enjoy your time away while your pup enjoys their stay with us!


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