Board and Train 

Don’t let behavioral issues or lack of obedience commands frustrate you and your time with your dog.

If you are too busy to be actively involved in training or perhaps just need someone else to do the “heavy lifting,” then K-9 CULTURE’s Board and Training programs are for you. Our Board and Training programs are unique and structured to achieve specific results for you and your pup. 

Your dog will learn structure and obedience during their stay with us after which we’ll pass on that knowledge to you through private lessons and ongoing group classes.

Schedule a time to tour our facility and meet with our staff and trainers and see why K-9 CULTURE is the best dog trainers in the Dallas Metro area.

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To help improve indoor air quality and reduce airborne pathogen exposure, our facilities proudly use WellAir air disinfection solutions with patented NanoStrike™ Technology. NanoStrike technology harnesses a range of physical concurrent pathogen inactivation process to safely disinfect the air. NanoStrike coils provide a powerful strike that works to burst airborne pathogen cells, rapidly inactivating them, ensuring they are no longer a threat of infection.” Learn more about NanoStrike Technology here. “

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