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Dog Grooming

Our best in class Certified Groomers will ensure your pup not only looks their best, but enjoys their time in our dog grooming salon.


We encourage you to meet with your dog's groomer to discuss what you want and inform them of any special tips or concerns your dog has for grooming.  We want THEIR new style to match Your style!


Our grooming salon uses only high quality shampoos and conditioners. If your pup has allergies or skin conditions we carry a special line of shampoo and conditioner for that as well. We use personal forced air drying and good old fashion Towels, never dryer cages for your pets safety. 


We'd love to give your dog a fun experience and help them look their doggie best!

Full & Tidy Up Groom and Bath Prices
Full Groom : Nail Trim, Blow Dry, 15 min Brush Out,  Ear Cleaning/Plucking, Deep Cleaning Shampoo, Brush Out , All Over Haircut and Style
Tidy Up :  Nail Trim, Blow Dry, 15 min Brush Out,  Ear Cleaning/Plucking, Deep Cleaning Shampoo, Brush Out, Scissoring of Face, Feet, Ears and Sanitary Trim
Full Service Bath : Deep Cleaning Shampoo , Blow Dry, Gland Expression, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim
Bath : Deep Cleaning Shampoo, Glands Expression, Blow Dry


Small Breed

Up to 30 Pounds



31 - 45 Pounds



46 - 70 Pounds



71- 90 Pounds


XX - Large

91 Pounds or More

Call For Pricing


Final price is determined by length and condition of fur, size, and temperament of dog.

Pets that are AGGRESSIVE, MATTED, DISABLED, & SENIOR may incur additional cost based off their needs. 


Poodles & Doodles

Nail Trim

Nail Grind

Trim & Drem

Anal Gland Expression

Brush Out Only

Prep Brush Out

Facial Trim Only

Ear Cleaning/Plucking

Tooth Brushing

Flea/Tick Bath Treatment


Special Shampoo/Conditioner

Davis Medicated Shampoo

Veterinary Formula Medicated Shampoo


Shed-less Treatment

A special shampoo and conditioner combo helps release shedding undercoat while simultaneously using special bathing and 45 minutes of brushing techniques to release excess hair. Reduces shedding up to 80% 

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