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Puppy Group Class

Unlock the potential in your puppy with

K-9 CULTURE's Puppy Training –

where learning meets excitement!


Setting the foundation for a well-behaved companion begins early. Our Puppy Training program is your ticket to fostering good behavior, ensuring a good relationship with your furry friend. Why wait? Start on the right paw now to save time and money on correcting behaviors later.


Why Choose K-9 CULTURE's Puppy Training?


Discover the joy of bonding with your puppy through our engaging classes. We tailor our approach to your puppy's developmental stage, ensuring a lasting impact. Here's what sets us apart:


1. **Tailored to Your Puppy's Maturity:** Our programs align with your puppy's natural development, making the learning process more engaging and enduring.


2. **Professional Guidance:** Our full-time, highly trained dog trainers bring expertise to every session, ensuring the best learning experience for you and your puppy.


What to Expect in Our 4-Week Puppy Class


Socialization, Desensitization, and Handling:

Expose your pup to a variety of stimuli in a structured and positive environment. From sights and sounds to different textures, people, and other dogs, we lay the groundwork for a well-adjusted companion. Prepare your puppy for vet and grooming visits, making these experiences calmer and happier.


Group Play with Other Puppies and Introduction to Basic Obedience:

Your puppy will engage in supervised play to learn appropriate behaviors with fellow pups.


We start a foundation for your puppy in Leash Basics, Puppy Biting, Stop Jumping, Drop-it, Come when called, Sit, Down, Place, Crate Training, and Potty Training.


Class Details:

- Duration: 4 weeks

- Every Saturday

- Limited to 12 puppies per class

- Fee: $185

Next 2 Months Classes Start Date:

May  4th,  2024

June 1st 2024


- Puppies must be 10-16 weeks at the start of the first class.

- Minimum of two sets of vaccinations prior to the first class.


Don't miss out – classes fill up fast! 12 Puppy CAP per Class

Enroll your puppy today:  972-245-1587


Invest in a lifetime of good manners and joyful companionship.

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