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Puppy Training

Getting your new puppy started off on the right paw is important. The sooner you teach them the right behaviors and manners the less time you’ll have to spend later changing those unwanted behaviors.



K-9 CULTURE’s Puppy Training is designed to be fun and engaging for you and your puppy.


Our puppy obedience training is structured to teach your puppy that the world is not a big scary place while teaching them valuable skills in focus, engagement and the ability to learn to ignore distractions and how to have Good Manners.


Our approach to obedience puppy training is different from many other trainers. Our learning process is designed to strategically work WITH your puppy’s state of maturity, not going against it which makes our training programs more engaging and long lasting for your puppy.


As with all of our training programs, all training is done by full-time, highly trained professional dog trainers.


Come and take a tour of Dallas Metroplex’s largest professional dog training facility and see why your puppy will love it here.

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