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Group Classes

The outside world gives dogs a lot of distractions that may be hard to control. K-9 CULTURE gives you the opportunity to work around distractions under the guidance of professional trainers in a controlled environment. This gives you the ability and confidence to train and work with your dog around controlled distractions so your dog learns how to be consistent with their behavior in the “real world.” 

We give you guidance in class and help identify what you or your dog need and communicate and teach you so that you understand and can apply your newly acquired skills on your own at home.

Our Dog Training Group Classes have at least two instructors. A lead instructor who directs the flow of the class and keeps it engaging and fun with another instructor to help owners and their dogs that need assistance. 

YOU and your DOG continue to learn new skills as a team and practice them in an instructor led, fun and engaging environment. 

K-9 CULTURE offers several Group Class programs, from Basic Obedience Classes, Intermediate Classes, Advanced Group Classes, FunGility, Puppy Classes and MORE! 

We can help you and your fur baby go as far as you want and HAVE FUN in the process and help them understand that dog training is FUN!!

All of our Instructors are certified dog trainers, they don't just read from a book or manual, they train dogs every day and pass on their dog training knowledge and skills to you.

Advanced Group Classes

The goal of our dog Group Classes is to dramatically increase the owner’s skills and increase the stability of all foundational commands your dog learned during their Board and Train or Day Training dog training program at K-9 Culture. In addition to having your dog trained with K-9 Culture Dog Training, all dogs must first attend Basic Group Class and pass a test to move on to the Advanced Classes to help ensure all the dogs in the class or on a similar ability level.

Building on these two areas, our intent is to help you form and model your dog to become a dog that can go virtually anywhere with you while dependably being a well-mannered, well-behaved dog in new or distracting environments and situations.

Our Advanced weekly Group Training Classes have a Monthly Focus that we are working towards. Except for the Month of Tricks and Rally, each month of Group Class training exercises builds a foundation that will benefit you and your dog in the following month’s exercises.

Our Advanced Group Classes are held on Saturday mornings at various locations throughout Carrollton, Plano, McKinney and the Dallas area.

Our Advanced Group Classes are designed to be a fun and engaging activity that you and your dog will enjoy doing together.


Trick Classes: Teaching your dog tricks is fun and who doesn’t love to show off some of the entertaining tricks our dogs enjoy doing.  Each week we will help you teach your dog 2 to 4 new tricks depending on the complexity of the trick they are learning. Each class also spends time practicing and reinforcing the previous week’s tricks to ensure your dog understands their new skills and assists those that may be struggling with a trick.


Rally Obedience Class: This class uses Official Rally Course Cards to learn and reinforce foundational obedience commands with distractions. In Rally, dogs and their handlers learn to move and work together as a team through a laid-out course.  Some people aspire to compete with their dog in Rally competitions, if that is you, this class can help you begin that journey with your dog. If competing in Rally is not your goal, this group class will give you a good overview of what Rally entails and help to continue to build a strong bond between you and your dog and work together using teamwork. 

Community Training: This class is designed to immerse you and your dog IN THE COMMUNITY. Each class varies on location and the focus, the locations are selected based on the level of distractions we are trying to create in the “real world” application of the locations and are in locations we have not done training in before. You and your dog will go to Downtown Dallas locations, Ride the Dart (learn how to do it correctly to protect your pup from not so nice people in urban areas), Ride Elevators (the correct way to protect your pup), Go to an outdoor restaurant and eat as a group, Go to an Airport and become introduced to the bustle of an Airport, Go to a VERY large and busy indoor shopping trip.


Off Leash Work Up Class: This class is designed to help your dog learn how to be a well-mannered and obedient dog while “in your bubble” off leash and help YOU learn how to manage your dog more efficiently off leash as this is a more advanced skill set. eCollars are required for this class.


Outdoor Adventure Dog Class: This class is for the dog that has completed the Off Leash Work Up Class to begin the journey of doing outdoor activities together while your dog is Off Leash while maintaining Control and keeping them in your bubble. This Class is designed to be Very Active, be prepared for a 2-to-3-mile hike on some of the classes on uneven terrain. eCollars are required for this class.

Therapy Dog Prep Class: This class is designed to prepare You and Your Dog to attend a Certified Therapy Dog Training Course. We work with the Go Team Therapy and Crisis Dogs for we have found their Weekend Course to be incredibly comprehensive and Immersive. This non-profit organization requires any dog wishing to attend their certification course to be recommended by one of their approved dog trainers and must have passed the CGC prior to attending and they highly recommend attending a prep class. Upon completion of the GO Team Therapy and Crisis Dogs training, your dog will be a Certified Therapy Dog and you will be a Certified Handler for your dog. This certification process also includes a 1-million-dollar liability policy while working in a Therapy Dog Capacity and the ability to join a local GO Team Therapy and Crisis Dog Team.

This 4-week class will go to several locations throughout the Metroplex in preparation for the therapy dog training and will finish with a CGC test for each dog.  

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