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K-9 Culture 

K-9 CULTURE, Dallas’ premiere Balanced Obedience Dog Trainers. We Focus on Engagement and reward-based training, but also believe it is OK to tell a dog “no’ for doing something naughty. The more correct options we give a dog to make, the more likely it is they will choose correctly.

We believe in setting a dog up to be successful BEFORE we give them a command, for the proper sequence usually results in the proper action by the dog and its unfair to the dog to expect them to be perfect if they simply don’t understand exactly what you want them to do.

Most dogs have a built-in need to work and a desire to learn, they’re naturally curious. We enhance your leadership and handling skills with your dog’s desire to learn and please and teach your dog how to be a well-mannered, happy and obedient member of the community.

We’ve found the more dependable your dog is the Bigger their life becomes and we want all dogs to have a Very Big and Very Fulfilling Life with you!

You’ll notice from the moment you walk into our dog training facility; we are like no other dog trainers in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. Our facility is 53,000 square feet of professional training areas that provide the DFW Metroplex with not only the largest dog training facility in Texas but the most thought out designed facility to help your dog learn Focus and Engagement through obedience and provide you a place to Have Fun with your dog.

K-9 Culture Dallas metroplex
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About The Founders

K-9 Culture is a Family Owned and Operated business.


Charles and Laura are the Founders of K-9 Culture. Their love and passion for dogs is what drove them to start K-9 Culture. They wanted to create an atmosphere that is centered around helping dogs excel and grow as well as teaching humans to become consistent and knowledgeable leaders as well as have FUN in the process.  Culture is important, which is why we purposefully included it in our name. We want to ensure whether it is a board and train, day training, puppy classes, private lessons or group classes; you have fun with your dog and leave with more skills and knowledge than you came with and your dog leaves with more skills, focus, impulse control and self-confidence than they came with. A well-trained dog is just a joy to live with and we want to share that experience with all our clients (both humans and dogs!).

Charles has had dogs all his life and as a teenager, taught his Carolina Dog, Max, how to ride his horse with him. He left his position of COO of a National Company to pursue his and his wife Laura's dream of owning their own professional dog training company and create a culture that focused on specific results for the dogs they train and the humans they help! 


Laura has always had dogs growing up and in Girl Scouts trained her Cockapoo, Chocolate, to earn a patch.  That is where the love of dogs and training started. Since then she has continued to study, attend training courses, and learn as much as possible when it comes to motivating and training dogs.  She loves the art of training dogs and guiding the owner and pup to start growing together as a team and seeing the ‘light bulb” moment when you see what she sees in your pup and what the two of you can accomplish together.

They have two dogs, Lincoln; a Belgian Malinois, and George; an Australian Cattle Dog / American Dingo mix that are a huge part of their lives. When not working, they enjoy off leash hiking and kayaking with their dogs. They are parents of six grown children. A Veteran Owned Business as Charles is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran and all three of their sons also served in the Army and one of their daughter’s served in the Navy.

Wyatt is Charles and Laura’s youngest of six children and joined the business shortly after opening. Wyatt went straight into dog training after finishing his enlistment in the U.S. Army and was excited to leave the dog training franchise model to become a member of K-9 Culture. 


After two years he joined the ownership team and has been instrumental in the growth and development of our advanced training programs and mentoring our new trainers. When not at K-9 Culture, Wyatt enjoys spending time with his wife, three children and their Therapy Dog, Abby and Mr. Pickles who had been wandering the streets of Dallas.



Julie came to K-9 Culture as a trainer and worked her way up to the position of a Lead Trainer. After working so closely with the owners and embracing K-9 Culture’s Vision and Mission she joined the ownership team in the summer of 2021.


Her dog training journey started when she was in the U.S. Army and spent time around K9 units during her deployment in Afghanistan. This piqued her interest in the dog training industry. In 2018, she pursued that interest and graduated from one of the top dog training schools in the US, along with her dog, Buddie.


To further her training education, Julie attended a second intensive dog training program in North Carolina where she found her love for advanced obedience. Her niche is dog learning theory and problem solving behavioral cases. Julie's dream is to help owners build a better bond with their dogs and to have a better understanding of why dogs do what they do. On her off time, you can usually find her fine-tuning her own training skills with her dog, Buddie. 


We passionately believe that every well-trained dog is one less dog that may end up in a shelter. Over half the dogs K-9 Culture trains are rescue dogs in the Dallas Metro area, our goal is the dogs we help NEVER go back to a rescue!


​We strive to create an environment that is FUN for the human and engaging for your dog. We believe the more YOU have fun with your dog; then the more fun your dog is having and the more often you do things together. We want to help you create an incredibly special bond and relationship with your dog because we know the more dependable your dog is the Bigger His/Her world will become.

Our Team

Our Approach

We provide dog training that gives your dog the ability to control their Impulses and the skill to Focus and Engage with you. We incorporate obedience as the base foundation in which we build impulse control and focus, for if a dog cannot control his impulses or have the ability to focus on you, they are likely not able to obey a command with Consistency or with Distractions. We want a Happy, Self-Confident, and Obedient dog because he understands structure and what we are asking of him/her. We consistently work with all dogs to improve their self-confidence in new environments, for self-confident dogs do not usually react negatively to new and "scary" things. 


We understand ALL Dogs are different, we use communication based training with a strong emphasis on showing the dog how to have FUN while learning but each dog we train requires slightly different approach and plans because each dog has their own unique personality, breed specific characteristics and sometimes; behavioral issues they need help overcoming.

There is a lot more psychology to dog training than most people realize, and it is a crucial component in helping dogs to not just know a command, but to Understand a command.


​We train Aggressive Dogs, Fearful and Anxious Dogs, Deaf Dogs, Overly Excited Dogs, Abused Dogs, Reactive Dogs, Skittish or Timid Dogs and your everyday happy go lucky dog that you just want to have the ability to do more with or be more dependable.

The top DFW Dog trainer

The top Dallas Dog Trainer

Best dog trainer in Dallas

Number 1 dog trainer in Dallas

AKC Good Citizen
Our Philosophy

Pulling on the leash

Jumping on people

Lack of basic obedience

Obeying commands only when your dog decides to




Chewing or being destructive

Deaf dog

Separation anxiety

Resource guarding

Overly hyperactive dog

Not listening

Won’t come when called

Bolting out open doors

Escaping from the backyard

Fence line guarding or fighting

Biting or nipping

Confidence Building

Chasing things

Your dog ignores you

Won’t stay

Treat dependent to do anything



Dog aggressive dog

Human aggressive dog

Destructive behavior

Lacks socialization

Who We Can Help:

If your dog has any of these behaviors, we can help them not just overcome them but to conquer them and have fun in the process:

Who We Can Help
K-9 Culture Dog Trainers

Our programs will help your dog develop the skills to become more self-confident, how to listen to you, have the ability to focus on you in distracting environments which gives them the structure to be able to consistently and reliably obey commands.

Want to take your dog to a café or restaurant? Enjoy off leash hiking or off leash activities with your dog? Building a strong bond of trust and solid obedience skills gives you the ability to do these with your dog. It IS what enables you to have “A Dog That Is A Joy To Live With!”

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