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Should You Hire a Dog Trainer or Train Your Dog Yourself?

Most pet owners agree that hiring a dog trainer comes with various benefits. Learn if you should hire one or train your dog yourself here.

Did you know that you can train your dog to speak?

While they of course won't be saying hello or how do you do, they will bark on command, which is a pretty neat trick to show your friends! There are tons of perks to training your pup, including keeping them safe, but it isn't always easy.

Professional Dog Trainer Teaching a Dog at K-9 Culture
Teaching a Dog to Lure

So, should you train your dog yourself or should hire a professional dog trainer to do it for you? It's a question most canine owners will ask at some point, and we've got everything you need to answer it! Read on to find out more.

Do You Have the Time?

There's no doubt that DIY dog training is a time-consuming process. Dogs often don't pick up what you're trying to teach them very quickly, meaning you need the patience to stick with it.

They might finally give you their paw one day, and forget all about it by the next!

It's not just about teaching your pup a trick and moving on. Training is something you do all the time. If you don't want to or can't put aside a few hours a week to train your dog, every week, it's probably wise to bring on board a certified dog trained.

Do You Have the Money?

You have to pay for dog training, which is one of the reasons so many people skip it. You're already paying for vets bills, dog food, and endless toys, and you might not have the money left over to pay for a trainer, too!

If this is the case but you still want to train your pup, it could be worth hiring a trainer for just a couple of sessions. This will keep the cost low and they can teach you some basics to start training your dog yourself.

You Want to Build a Close Relationship With Your Pup

For some people, the idea of handing their dog over to someone else isn't one they welcome with open arms. Why have your dog listening to a strangers commands when they're meant to be listening to you? Of course, a dog trainer will help bridge the gap between you and them, but it's still a thought that some find uncomfortable if they don't understand how that is done.

If you want to build a really close bond with your dog and be the only person they respond to, you can train them yourself, but then they never learn to listen to others so traveling or being away becomes your new challenge. Or, you could take them to dog training classes. In these, you'll still be the person actively teaching your dog but under the guidance of a professional, making it a win-win situation!

A Trainer Can Teach You to Train

If you feel a reluctance to pass your dog over to someone else to train, remember, a trainer can be there to lay the foundations with your dog. By working with a professional, one on one, you can learn the techniques they'd usually use and put them into practice yourself.

Most training has to be done just as much outside of the classroom as it's done in the classroom anyway to reinforce what your dog learns. While your dog may start by responding to the trainer, they'll quickly respond to you too when you're out and about!

Dog Training Has to Be Precise and Consistent

There's a reason why professional dog training exists. Teaching your dog to walk off the lead and follow commands isn't easy. The way you train has to be both precise and consistent, giving your dog steady guidance to slowly improve their behavior.

If you're not following the right practices, your dog may never learn certain tricks or skills, or might become confused as your try to teach them. If you don't think you have the knowledge or time to be consistent, it's best to hire someone else to help you.

You Can Teach Yourself

While dog training isn't easy, it also isn't impossible to teach yourself. There are tons of resources out there that will help you learn the techniques used by professional dog trainers! You can learn the basics of training by watching YouTube videos and reading guides online, just be careful what you implement for there is as much incorrect advice on the internet as their is correct ways to train.

Having said that, this another thing that's going to take time. Researching and learning will be time consuming, and you haven't even started training your dog yet. If you think it'll become more of a stress than a fun activity to do with your pup, it could be smart to pass the job to someone else.

Should You Train Your Dog Yourself?

We've looked through some of the pros and cons of each, but now it's time to weigh them up and decide which is the best option for you and your furry friend.

If you have a lot of time to spare and think you'll enjoy the consistent daily training every day for the next three months, go for it! Just remember you need to be patient with your pup as they don't always pick things up straight away, and make sure to do plenty of online research before you begin.

If you're worried about not bonding with your dog because you don't train them yourself, don't; you're still going to bond! Training simply facilities you to go off and teach your pup yourself.

For anyone with time constraints, a lack of knowledge, or anxieties about not being able to be consistent, hire a professional. In the long run you'll thank yourself for it.

Find a Dog Trainer With K-9 Culture

If you've decided to hire a dog trainer, be sure to check out K-9 Culture! Our team of expert trainers run lots of different classes where you can join in and learn how to teach your dog, including those for puppies and private lessons. Or, you can leave your dog with our team at board and train, letting the professional take the lead.

If you're not sure what's right for you, book a consultation with one of our team today and let's get you and your dog on the right track.

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