Group Classes

The outside world gives dogs a lot of distractions that may be hard to control. K-9 CULTURE gives you the opportunity to work around distractions under the guidance of professional trainers in a controlled environment. This gives you the ability and confidence to train and work with your dog around controlled distractions so your dog learns how to be consistent with their behavior in the “real world.”

We give you guidance in class and help identify what you or your dog need and communicate and teach you so that you understand and can apply your newly acquired skills on your own at home.

Our Group Classes have at least two instructors. One is a lead instructor who directs the flow of the class and keeps it engaging and fun with another instructor helps owners and their dogs that need assistance. 

YOU and your DOG continue to learn new skills as a team and practice them in an instructor led, fun and engaging environment. 

K-9 CULTURE offers several Group Class programs, from Basic Obedience Classes, Intermediate Classes, Advanced Group Classes, FunGility, Puppy Classes and MORE! 

We can help you and your fur baby go as far as you want and HAVE FUN in the process!!

Dogs with trainer