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Luv-A-Bull: Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Luv-A-Bull: Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

Pit bulls are unfortunately a misunderstood dog breed. If you are wondering, "are pit bulls dangerous," click here for more info about this luv-a-bull breed.

Luvable Pit Bulls

They're banned or limited in an estimated 900 cities in the US. They're made an example of aggression by dog bite attorneys. You've probably heard passionate arguments that they're naturally aggressive.

We're talking about pit bulls. Why? Because we know that a lot of people are wondering, "Are pit bulls dangerous?"

This breed has faced a lot of fearmongering and a lot of misunderstanding over the years. Why is this? What's the truth about pit bulls?

Keep reading to find out more about the luv-a-bull pit bull and why it's time to break the pit bull stigma once and for all.

The Origin of Pit Bulls

There are tons of different breeds of dogs at this point. All of them were bred to favor certain traits and mannerisms, although how relevant that original breeding is in the modern age is up for debate.

Let's take a look at the origin of today's pit bulls. Beginning around the 1500s, English spectator sports and hunting were bloody and violent events. To fuel both endeavors, the ancestor of the pit bull was bred into existence.

One use of the pit bull was bull-baiting. The dogs were used to bite and hold bulls around the neck and head, often so that the owners could slaughter the bull for food. However, these dogs were also used for bear-baiting, an act that was carried out purely for entertainment reasons.

When these types of events were banned in the 1800s, owners of these dogs decided to use them to fight one another, instead. They bred faster, more agile dogs that resemble today's pit bull and trained aggressive tendencies into them. Today, dogfighting is an illegal activity in all 50 states, but the stereotype of the vicious pit bull lives on.

States That Ban Pit Bulls

If you own a pit bull, you may have come across the concept of breed-specific legislation, or BSL. Many states have banned cities and municipalities from passing BSL but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist anymore. While some BSL doesn't use language that is specific to pit bulls, it is often implied that pit bulls are the target of BSL.

No states have 100% banned pit bulls. However, the states that have the most anti-pit bull BSL include:

  • Iowa

  • Kansas

  • Ohio

  • Missouri

  • Mississippi

  • Arkansas

  • Michigan

  • Lousiana

  • Wisconsin

These states are home to the most counties and municipalities that don't allow pit bulls.

Is BSL Effective?

There are certainly lots of laws on the books that dictate what you can and can't do with your dog. As we mentioned already, dogfighting is illegal. Walking your dog off-leash is another common no-no in many cities and states.

Plenty of dog legislation is positive. It encourages (or requires) owners to make good decisions when it comes to dog ownership and to lower the chances of dog-related accidents and dog bites. What about BSL, especially BSL that limits or bans certain breeds?

The reality is that breed banning is not an effective tool. Aggressive behaviors and dog bites are not a breed-specific issue and banning breeds that are perceived as a threat only creates a false sense of security.

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous? The Truth About Pit Bulls

Old stereotypes and BSL targeting pit bulls contribute to the opinion that pit bulls are dangerous by nature. However, there is no reason to believe that a pit bull is any more likely to harm or attack you than any other dog. Let's break down this idea piece by piece.

Nature vs Nurture

Even if pit bulls were trained to fight other animals centuries ago, that doesn't mean that they possess those instincts automatically. The way that you raise your pit bull will make a bigger impact on their behavior than anything else. A pit bull that is well-socialized and loved from an early age is unlikely to show aggressive tendencies.

Training Your Pit Bull

No matter what breed you adopt, you are responsible for training. Any dog that doesn't receive proper training becomes a risk for bad behaviors including aggression.

Pit bulls are high-energy dogs that possess a strong drive to please. When you can channel that energy through training, you end up with a great companion dog! If you need help with training, check out our Dallas training classes and other training options.

Playing With Your Pit Bull

We don't believe that your pit bull is pre-disposed to violent behavior. However, your pit bull is really strong! This is something you want to remember when you're learning how to play with your pit bull.

Fetch is a great game to play with your pit bull. They love to run and jump and they're always proud to bring their toys back!

Pit bulls can enjoy a nice game of tug-of-war, but again, remember their strength. Kids, in particular, may find that tug-of-war isn't the best game to play with a pit bull.

Are Pit Bulls Good With Kids?

One of the pro-pit bull arguments you'll often hear is that pit bulls were once used as "nanny" dogs. While there isn't much evidence supporting this pleasant-sounding argument, your pit bull can learn how to do well with your kids. Once again, this is all about training and raising your pit bull in a nurturing environment.

Let's Break the Stigma With Our Well-Trained Dallas Pit Bulls

Chances are, we've all wondered, "Are pit bulls dangerous?" at one time or another. This stems from centuries-old breeding and persistent stereotypes that aren't rooted in fact. The best way to help break the pit bull stigma is to train your pit bull to behave well, play nicely, and demonstrate their good nature!

Want to know how to get started on training your pit bull in Dallas Metro, TX? Contact us for a consultation today.

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