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Lookin' Doggone Good: The Importance of Regular Dog Grooming

Your dog needs spa days too! Click here to read about the importance of regular dog grooming and how it helps keep your pup healthy.

Are you a new dog owner and contemplating whether your dog needs grooming?

As a result of the lockdowns enforced during the pandemic, homeowners began adopting and fostering pets, especially dogs. This resulted in a surge in demand for pet products and services, especially grooming. Dog grooming in Dallas is essential to keeping your pets healthy and comfortable.

Keep reading to find out why dog grooming is vital to your dog’s health.

Which Dog Breeds Need the Most Dog Grooming?

Golden Retriever Getting Groomed K9 Culture Dog Training
Golden Retriever Enjoying His Grooming

While all dogs, no matter the breed, need grooming, certain breeds are harder to groom. Examples include poodles, Afghan hounds, Portuguese water dogs, Bichon Frise, Komondor, and Puli. The main reason behind the need to groom these dogs regularly is their hair.

The Bichon Frise, for instance, has a coat made of hair instead of fur. It needs regular bathing, trimming, and combing to prevent mat formation.

Another example is the Hungarian herding dog called Puli. This particular breed has a thick and corded coat. This is why it needs extra dog grooming to help maintain the formation of these cords.

Grooming involves bathing, trimming, and brushing your dog to help make it look good. However, the main purpose of dog grooming is to keep your dog healthy. Let’s tackle this in the following section.

Why Is Grooming Your Dog Important?

Baths help relieve discomfort that dogs feel from the collected dirt in their body. Also, wetting your dog’s hair is a great way to spot ticks and fleas. This will allow you to act and remove them before they cause harmful infestations.

Grooming will also help take care of your dog’s nails. This is vital because overgrown nails can cause discomfort. For one, long nails force misalignments of your dog’s pad, which pushes them to walk using the sides of their feet.

This will lead to a change in their gait. When left untreated, this may result in arthritis or bone deformations.

As such, make sure to keep your dog’s nails at a proper length to prevent curling and over-growth. When you decide to do this, don’t hesitate to invest in proper grooming tools such as nail clippers.

This will help ease the process of cutting their nails. For owners with no experience, you can always opt to rely on your dog groomer.

Further, dogs are prone to ear infections, ear mites, and other related ailments. Thus, they require regular ear cleaning. Fortunately, the dog grooming cost includes this service.

Overall, grooming your dog will not only help make it feel clean and comfortable, but it will also help prevent the development of illnesses such as infections.

Dog Grooming Helps Maintain a Healthy Coat

Using the right brush on your dog will remove dead fur or hair. It can also give it a nice body massage, promoting blood circulation and allowing your dog to relax.

Moreover, when your dog sheds its hair, the loose hair can get entangled, which results in matting. If you’re not able to brush this away, the matting will get worse. In time, pulling the hair will cause pain to your dog.

It can even lead to sore patches or abrasions, which are often hidden beneath its hairs. Mats can also cause an ulcer. In the worst-case scenario, sore patches will get infected, bringing more pain to your pup.

Brushing can also help ventilate your dog’s coat, which stimulates healthy hair growth. As you brush your dog’s coat, natural oils in its hair will come out and spread all over its coat. This gives your dog that healthy sheen.

Grooming also helps reduce the level of grease it produces. This is vital in a dog’s health as grease blocks pores. Too much of it can cause skin irritation and other skin-related problems.

It’s a Good Way to Check on Your Dog’s Condition

A grooming session is also a great way to check on your dog's condition. As you bathe your dog and brush its hair, check for sores, matting, bumps, scratches, and lumps.

You should also check for abnormalities such as inflammation in its eyes and ears. The earlier you find them, the faster you can get them cured before they get serious and lead to high vet costs.

Dog Grooming Creates Less Mess

You’ll also benefit from a groomed dog. For one, a well-groomed dog sheds less and smells nice. This means that no bad odors will accumulate and spread in your house.

At the same time, you also don’t have to vacuum and clean your house often. You don’t have to worry about tick and flea infestations.

Grooming, especially the brushing session, will help build your bond. As your dog is more relaxed, he’s more open to making good memories with you. This will help etch you into their memory until such time that they learn to love you even more.

Should I Personally Groom My Dog or Let a Professional Groomer Handle It?

While you may think that dog grooming prices are a waste, it’s worth every penny. Professional groomers have experience and the necessary tools. This ensures that it’s less likely for them to make mistakes; thus, your dog will get quality grooming service.

They also have deep knowledge of grooming and breeding dogs. As such, they can offer advice on which products to use and how to deal with agitated dogs. Best of all, a grooming salon provides a good environment for your dog to not only relax but interact with other breeds.

K-9 Culture At Your Dog’s Service!

Give your dog some love and visit K-9 Culture today! Our certified and well-trained groomers will not only make sure your dog looks its best, but they’ll make sure that it enjoys its time in our salon.

Worried about your dog’s sensitive skin? We have shampoos, and conditioners specialized for dogs with skin conditions!

What’s stopping you? Contact us today or visit us if you live in Dallas, Carrollton, and DFW areas, and meet our dog groomer to discuss your special needs. We’d love to give your dog a relaxing and fun pampering session.

Have FUN with your Dog!

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