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The Issue With Dog Training Franchises

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

From episode: 46 - Why the Rise in Dog Training Franchises?

The Issue With Dog Training Franchises

Here's the issue with a dog training franchises: Most franchises, you go to the school to own a dog training franchise, learn how to run a business and become, learn how to dog train. And it's three weeks long.

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The Issue With Dog Training Franchises. They are looking at teaching shortcuts instead of teaching dogs (or trainers) the basics, because they aren't selling dog training, they are selling businesss opportunity to entrepreneurs.

When we hire someone, it's five months of handholding, training, accountability, being monitored all the time just to be a DECENT dog trainer. We're not teaching them how to run a business. We're teaching them just how to work with a dog because in five months they're really just scratching the surface. They finally worked with enough dogs with enough different variances that they can start thinking on their own. You cannot do that in three to five weeks.

That's my beef with dog training franchises is it's not a burger. You can't just put it on the grill for 60 seconds, flip it, cook it for 60 seconds and serve it up. Well, that's why I think about 90 % of them are e -collar trained. So the next question is why do all these franchises use e -collars because they're not cooking a burger. They got to figure out how can we do this and teach somebody with no experience how to train a dog in three weeks and get it all done fast.

Listen to the podcast episode to learn more about dog training franchises.

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