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Importance of Good Dog Manners

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Dog Manners are important for a happy relationship with your furry companion. Just like we want well behaved children when we go out, we want our dogs to have good manners and be well behaved to.

K-9 Culture’s dog training programs are designed to develop self-confidence in your dog for we have found the more confident and happier the dog is, the less reactive they are. Not only do you want a self-confident dog, you want a dog that can manage their impulses.

Dogs that cannot manage their impulses are not usually very well mannered, just like a child. Your dog should know not to jump on people for example, and have the ability or skill to decide not to do that undesirable behavior. Good impulse control helps you not wear yourself out always managing what your dog is doing or what they might be getting into. That is exhausting!

A dog that controls their impulses is a joy to live with.

Impulse Control and Manners are a foundation for good dog obedience training and if your goal is to eventually have an off-leash dog then they are not just convenient, they are a critical necessity. You cannot have an off leash trained dog without solid impulse control.

Of course, you want a dog with behaviors you are happy with, but you cannot have one without great manners or impulse control. Basic obedience commands like: Come, Sit, Place, Heel, Down, Leave It, and Walk POLITELY on a Leash are only as polished as your dog’s ability to manage their impulses around distractions.

If you want a dog you can take places, good manners are not nice, they are a must have to ensure your dog can still obey at a restaurant patio or any other highly distracting situation. Without this basis to start from, you end up having a dog that has to stay home a lot for you can depend on them in the sometimes-chaotic real world.

A great dog is a dog that is a joy to live with and a dog that can control their impulses, has the ability to focus on you, and has good manners with a solid structure of obedience then you need to attend dog training that is designed with real life scenarios and intentional distractions built into the training program.

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