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Getting a Dog

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Getting a dog is easy. Having a well-mannered dog takes effort and time.

Too many people get a dog and quickly become frustrated when their dog chews on things or when they go to the bathroom inside or when their dog jumps on them and all the other annoying habits a dog can do when they do not know better.

Boy walking his new dog
Boy Walking His New Best Friend

But instead of getting upset with your dog, ask yourself, have you taken the TIME to SHOW them how to behave properly and the behaviors you want them to do. You cannot “yell” or scold a bad behavior out of a dog. They need to be taught what to do and then you need to be consistent in reinforcing that behavior with them.

If you have tried to train your dog but have not been very successful, seek out help from a professional dog trainer before giving up on your dog. Nearly half of all dogs in shelters were dropped off simply for having behavior problems. Those are fixable issues, but perhaps you just don’t know how.

We cannot stress enough, get some help, your pup is a member of your family. Your dog loves you unconditionally and would give their life for you so give them a fair chance.

Just like a human baby, we need to teach our dogs how to act appropriately. What we expect of them and what we do not want them to do. Our certified trainers at K9 Culture in the Metroplex can help you and your dog establish those skills and manners. We train dogs and teach humans how to communicate so your dog can be a JOY to live with.

Your dog jumping on people or pulling on their leash are two extremely common issues we see every day here at Dallas’ best dog training facility. These problems we can help your dog with, and they certainly should not be given up on over them. We can help you with your dog.

We train dogs of any age or problem and help you understand how to effectively work with them after training is complete to better enable you both to work together as a team and have a peaceful home with a wonderful dog filling it with love and affection.

If you are frustrated by your dog or struggling to get your dog trained, bring your dog in for a free evaluation and see how we can help you improve your dog’s life and your family’s life with a happy, self-confident and obedient dog.

Have Fun With You Dog! The K-9 Culture Family

A Dog That Is A JOY To Live With!


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