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Finding A Good Dog Food

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

These websites are a great resource to look up your dog food and see where it falls on the list of good dog foods and the list of bad dog foods.

Prepare to be surprised as several high end, supposedly great dog foods, do not stack up well on the list.

You will see some Grain Free dog foods in the list and K9 Culture Dog Training does not endorse nor feed our own dogs grain free foods. We are asked a lot if grain free dog food is good for your dog. We’re not vets, but as dog owners and dog lovers, we certainly have our opinion about grain free dog food.

Dogs do eat grains occasionally in the wild. A large issue with grain free dog food is the grain in their food is used as a binder, if the grain is not in the food then what process or “chemical” is being used as a binder to hold the food together? The answer is: No One knows and THAT is the issue we have with Grain Free foods. There have been studies starting to surface linking grain free dog foods to cancer and the question of whether it is the process of chemicals used to bind the food that may be causing the link. You may like to read our article Dog Foods To Avoid.

If you are trying to decide between dry dog food or “kibble,” or a wet dog food or “canned,” it has been found that canned dog food is usually superior to kibble. Canned dog food typically contains more meat proteins than their dry counterparts and less carbs.

Another advantage of canned dog food over dry is due to the air-tight package, canned dog foods contain no synthetic preservatives which means less harmful chemicals and the fats and oils sealed inside the can do not easily become rancid. There are usually no artificial flavorings or colorings as well. The drawback of canned is it typically costs more, and you need to refrigerate it after it has been opened. We do recommend a mixture of canned and dry to give your dog texture.

Healthier dogs are happier dogs! An additional bonus is spending a little more on a good quality dog food can save you a lot on vet bills due to poor health later.

BONUS: The higher quality your dog’s food is, the less VOLUME and Frequency they need to poo.

The K-9 Culture Team


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