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Dog Training Near Me: Top Dog Training Myths That You Should Know

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Has your dog learned basic obedience commands?

Dog training may be one of the hardest parts of owning a dog. Dogs are friendly, active, and curious by nature. While they may have some unusual yet endearing habits, they can also develop destructive tendencies.

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Puppy learning "Focus"

This is where dog training comes in. Dog training will often define its relationship with its owner. Unfortunately, many owners rely on myths to train their dogs and end up with an avoidant, aggressive, or fearful dog.

Whether you're looking into dog training near me or taking up the challenge yourself, it's crucial to avoid these dog training myths. Studies show that a trained dog is a happier dog, and you can achieve that too. Read on to discover some dog training tips and how to set your dog up for success!

My Dog is Too Young/Old to Train

Puppies are impressionable, and every day is a learning experience. It's vital to take advantage of this time to teach your puppy good manners. It's best to start training your puppy on its first day.

Some may find it challenging to train a puppy because of its short attention span. If your puppy has too much energy, it might be due for a walk. Walking or playing with your puppy will help burn some of that energy so that they're more focused during training.

People say you can never teach an old dog new tricks, but that's not true. Dogs don't suddenly stop learning when they hit a certain age. Older dogs just are not as curious as puppies for not everything is "new" to them, but the advantage of an older dog is they have a better attention span. Training a dog, regardless of age, requires patience and love.

As long as you stay committed, your dog will learn.

My Puppy Will Grow Out of It

A puppy's first few months in a new home can be a nightmare, especially if you aren't a seasoned dog owner. They cry and whine and learn to bark and chew your favorite shoes. This can be frustrating to some dog owners to the point that they give up and say, "I'll try again when my puppy is older."

It's crucial to address bad behavior before it becomes set in stone. One bad habit can become more destructive as your puppy gets older.

Puppies love attention and can sometimes perceive scolding as a good thing. Your puppy will learn, but remember that it will take some time for them to understand your cues. Consistency is key, so don't call it a day when you feel like giving up.

I Need to Be the Alpha

Dogs are man's best friend, not man's best subordinate. It's true that dogs gravitate towards good leadership. However, dominance theory and being the "pack's alpha" is not the way to do it.

Using physical force to assert your dominance will only hurt your dog and your relationship and trust. Dogs want safety and security. You can establish yourself as a good leader through positive reinforcement and being FAIR.

Punishment is a Good Educator

Some dogs will be harder to train, especially if you have a hyperactive or stubborn breed. Unfortunately, many dog trainers continue using punishment to get the desired results.

However, this can result in aggression, fear, or loss of trust.

Hitting and kicking your dog may make them behave, but it will not trust you.

Most dogs become hand-shy and avoidant, but others may become aggressive. Reward-based training offers better results and a closer bond. It is important to recognize that rewards do not always have to be a treat, PLAY is one of the greatest rewards your dog will work hard for if you understand How To correctly play with your dog.

It's Cruel to Crate Train Your Dog

Crate training done right can be a great way to establish healthy boundaries. Remember that crate training does not mean locking your dog in a cage for the rest of their lives. Leaving your dog in a crate for hours is cruel and should never be an option.

Proper crate training holds onto the idea that a crate is a dog's safe space. A crate should be where your dog can relax, like their own bedroom. If you don't teach your dog to enjoy its crate, it will begin to associate it with stress or punishment.

Instead of crates, you can also opt for dog gates between rooms or x-pens. Remember that the goal of crate training is to give your dog a safe space where they can also keep out of trouble while you're gone.

Playing Tug-of-War Will Make My Dog Aggressive

An aggressive dog can be a nightmare, especially if you have young kids. To a beginner dog owner, tug-of-war may seem like a dangerous game. Your puppy may look cute now fighting over a piece of rope, but what if they repeat that behavior with real people?

Dogs may growl when playing tug of war, but that doesn't mean they're getting aggressive. On the contrary, it means they're getting into the game!

Tug of war is also a great opportunity to teach your dog some valuable skills. It can help you teach your dog about mouth control and to be more conscious about what they bite. You can also throw in some command cues to improve communication with your dog.

Done correctly, tug of war with your dog can teach them: Rules, Goals, Boundaries and Penalties in a non confrontational and fun way!

My Dog is a Lost Cause

No dog is untrainable, regardless of its age or history with other owners. If your dog has hard-to-break habits, it may be because of poor training, socialization, and medical issues. However, any dog can learn if you have the time and patience.

If you aren't making any progress, don't worry. Professional and experienced Dog trainers know how to help dogs with serious issues. There's no shame in seeking help when training your dog.

Dog Training Near Me: Dog Training Guide

Training a dog is a learning experience for you and your canine friend. If you want a well-behaved dog, don't fall for these dog training myths.

When looking for dog training near me, it's always best to look for someone who knows what they're doing. Dallas K-9 Culture believes that an obedient dog is also happy and confident and that training should be as fun as it is educational. We don't only focus on command – we focus on bonds, so contact us today!

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