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5 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog Right Now

Dogs love to learn new things and there are several ways you can keep their minds busy. Here are five easy tricks to teach your dog.

Golden Retriever Learning Shake
Golden Retriever Learning Shake

Did you know that only 4% of dogs in the US attend a dog training class?

In our opinion, that's very low! Dogs rely on good training to go out into the world safely, and a well-trained dog is a lot easier to look after. Can you imagine what the playgrounds would look like if only 4% of toddlers attend first grade and miss out on social interaction skills?

If you're not signed up for a dog training class yet, don't panic! There are still ways you can start teaching your four-legged friend from home, and you're in the right place to start.

Here are five easy tricks to teach your dog that you don't need to go to a class for.

1. Give a Kiss (Or Kisses!)

The best dog tricks are always the slobbery ones! Be prepared for lots of kisses after you learn this trick. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it definitely goes down well with little ones who love your pup!

It's really easy to teach your dog, too. Remember that smart dog breeds will pick up tricks faster, but even dogs that aren't as easily trained should get the hang of this one eventually.

Start by holding a treat to your cheek and having your pup lick it off. If you think your dog might be a bit toothy or aggressive, this could be a trick to avoid. But for gentle dogs, it'll work well!

As your dog takes the treat, use the command "Kiss." Soon, they'll associate licking your cheek with the command, and you'll have kisses on demand.

2. Speak and Quiet

Teaching a dog tricks isn't just fun; it can also be a useful way to create a more obedient dog that's easier to look after. Speak, and quiet is one such trick.

If your pup is a bit of a barker, you can gain a little more control over their vocal outburst by training them to understand "Speak" and "Quiet." Let's start with speaking.

First, you'll have to find a noise that makes your dog bark. Then, say your command word before playing the sound a second later. Give your dog a treat when she barks to show them they've done well.

To train "Quiet," you need to be calm when your furry friend starts barking. Simply say "Quiet" in a calm but stern voice and hold out a treat or toy to get them to stop barking. Repeat until they learn the association between "Quiet" and not barking.

3. Back-Up On Command

Teaching your dog to back up on command is a fun trick, but it can also be very useful! You can stop them from rushing out of the car, keep them away from food, and have them back off from other dogs when you need them to.

To teach this one, you first have to teach your dog to stay. When they're in position, walk away from them before turning and walking back. Some dogs will back away when you get close, while others may need you to lean your body towards them when you're close to get them to move.

Either way, once they take a few steps back, give them a treat and a clear sign they've done something good. Once they get the hang of this, start using a command word as you repeat the same action. Continue with rewards until your pup catches on.

Remember, teaching a dog tricks can take time. But, with a little patience and a lot of treats, you'll get there!

4. Shaking Paws

When it comes to cool tricks to teach your dog, it doesn't get much better than shaking paws. This one's a real crowd-pleaser, and it's so simple to teach, too!

Start by showing your dog you have a treat and place it in your hand, palm up, before closing your fist. Your dog should naturally paw at your hand to find the treat, and you'll reward them by opening your fist so they can eat the treat. Don't forget to give them plenty of "Good boys/girls" too!

Once your dog has the hang of this trick, it's time to step it up a level. Repeat the same steps but without a treat in your closed fist. When your dog paws, give them a treat using your other hand.

After a few times of doing this, introduce your command word. Give it a couple more tries, and your pup will be shaking before you know it!

5. Spin In a Circle

This final trick is a super easy one for your pup to learn. Simply place a treat in front of your dog's nose and move it around in a circle. Your dog should follow the treat with its nose and spin on the spot.

After every spin, give them the treat and some positive reinforcements, so they know they've done something to be proud of. Once they're spinning easily with the treat, take the treat away.

Use your hand to do the same spin movement, and reward with a treat from your other hand.

Add your command word, repeat, and your dog should pick up how to spin pretty quickly.

Start Learning More Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

There are tons of easy tricks to teach your dog out there; you just need to find them! At K-9 Culture, we're experts in dog training and can help you do just that. With plenty of useful resources for pups and pup-owners that are ready to learn, we're definitely the right place to start your training journey!

If you'd like more professional input to speed up your training, take a peep at our day and training sessions. They're perfect for owners who want to learn alongside their dogs, and we'll have you teaching an obedient pup in no time.

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