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What You REALLY Want From Dog Training

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Many of the dog owners in the DFW area that contact us originally inquire or ask about teaching their dog a specific task or set of obedience commands. This seems logical that when you call a Dallas dog trainer that you are going to want your dog to be taught commands. But we have found it actually is NOT what most people REALLY want.

If you are wondering why they really contact us here at K-9 Culture, it is the behavior they (you) want more than the command or trick itself. What most of our clients really want, and you are probably no different, is for us to help create positive behaviors for their dog to understand and follow.

To us, obedience commands are just a means to an end. It is the STRUCTURE and ROUTINES of obedience that helps us show the dog alternate or better behaviors and not just what to do but how to do it and when.

Dogs thrive on structure and routine. A dog without a solid base of obedience is like every day of their life is Saturday. It is way too much freedom which typically leads to them making a lot of poor choices to occupy their time. Humans do not generally do well with 24 hours of freedom being cooped up in a house the majority of the day (just think COVID lockdown and you’ll glimpse an average dog’s life) and neither do dogs.

Dogs enjoy consistency and do not do well with ambiguity. It may seem counterintuitive, but the more solid your dog’s repertoire of obedience commands are, the MORE FREEDOM they get to enjoy for they are better able to manage their impulses and freedoms more responsibly. If it helps, think of it like learning good manners!

We look at it as our job as your dog’s trainer to help teach them structure and help you implement that structure into your everyday life so you can have what you REALLY want which is a Well Behaved Dog that Listens and Obeys.

In the end, we are aiming to fulfill K-9 Culture’s Vision and Mission: A Dog That Is A JOY To Live With! Dog’s that know How To Listen and How To Focus are dogs that are ready to receive and obey a command. A dog that isn’t listening usually cannot obey because you don’t have their attention. We start with Focus and Impulse control and layer obedience commands and agility obstacles to make it an enjoyable experience for your dog. You like to have fun when you are learning new things, so does your dog.

Come by anytime to check out the largest indoor dog training facility in the state of Texas, we’d love to meet you and your pup!

The K-9 Culture Family

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