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We’ve All Had That ONE Dog

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

We hear people comment many times that their last dog, or “a” dog they had was so easy to train that they really never trained it. The dog just knew what to do and naturally fit in. “They were so easy to train!”

We do hear it a lot. Even I had “that dog” in High School growing up. But, when I really look at it, with an honest lens, he didn’t figure “everything” out on his own.

When we think of our dogs that have been a part of our family and an important part of our lives in the past, we sometimes wish our current dog was more like that dog. We think fondly of that dog for we loved them so much and yes, for most of their life they were spectacular.

Our English Bulldog, Stewie. He LOVED to go Kayaking.

But if we are honest, there were periods of time we did help them along the way. It may not have been a formal training program, but we did spend “some” time showing them the way of things. We find that if we are fair in comparing them, our lives may have been a bit different then. Perhaps our routines were different and easier to find a couple minute intervals to engage with the dog and provide them feedback and some guidance.

It could be we were more patient at that time in our life, or our work and family life were more conducive, or the energy of that dog and your current dog are just quite different. There usually is a “trail of training” to be found somewhere with that dog, it just “seemed” easier.

Things we need to analyze to be fair with THIS dog:

· Are they the same breed

· Were the two dogs the same energy level

· Do the two dogs have the same breed or DNA characteristics

· Are you spending the same amount of time with this dog

· Does this dog have the same environment as the other dog had

· Were they the same age when you got them

None of these areas dictate if one dog or the other is a good dog or bad dog. They simply help crystalize that they are two separate dogs with two different personalities, so it is unfair to compare one to the other. There are no bad dogs, just untrained dogs.

Dogs learn things differently, just as humans do. What worked well for you with your past dog just may not be the best way to teach THIS dog. All dog training is slightly different for each dog for no two dogs are the same. If there was only one way to train a dog, there would only be one dog training book in existence and one methodology of dog training. That is not the case for Dallas dog trainers, there are several different types of dog trainers in the DFW area because dog trainers have different personalities and approaches just like dogs.

Be fair with your dog. As parents we try not to compare one of our children with another for we know they are each different and unique. Try to use the same measure with your dog and you will find you are more understanding and will be less frustrated when things do not go as well as you feel they should in their training and understanding.

Giving your dog fair and consistent routines is a great starting point. After that, it can sometimes take a little time in determining what is the best way to communicate and show them what you want. When we train dogs for our Dallas – Fort Worth area clients, we sometimes have to spend quite a while determining what motivates the dog so we can incorporate that into their training. Not all dogs are treat motivated and for those that are, we do not want to create a treat dependent dog which is why we always work to determine other things that excite and motivate the dog.

In the end, this dog is not your last dog. Always treasure your memories of that ONE dog and work to make new and special time and memories with your new dog so one day he can also be that ONE dog you had.

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