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The K-9 Culture Philosophy

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Welcome to K-9 Culture, where we Train Dogs and Teach Humans.

We creating K-9 Culture to incorporate our Vision with our Mission: “A Dog That Is A Joy To Live With!”

We believe in setting a dog up to be successful BEFORE we give them a command, for the proper sequence usually results in the proper action by the dog and its unfair to the dog to expect them to be perfect if they simply don’t understand exactly what you want them to do.

Our dog training facility is over 47,000 square feet of Heat and Air Conditioned Indoor Training Areas.

We wanted to create an atmosphere that is centered around helping dogs excel and grow as well as teaching humans to become consistent and knowledgeable leaders. Our approach to training and interacting with our clients is different than many dog trainers. We genuinely believe we are in the relationship business and not a transactional business.

Culture is important, which is why we purposefully included it in our name. We want to ensure whether it is a board and train, day training, puppy classes, private lessons or group classes; you have fun with your dog and leave with more skills and knowledge than you came with.

We ensure your dog leaves with more skills, focus, impulse control and confidence than they came with. A well-trained dog is just a joy to live with and we want to share that experience with all of our clients (both humans and dogs!).

We focus on relationship based dog training with an emphasis on understanding through communication. Our Goal: A happy, obedient and self confident dog that is a JOY to live with!

We would love for you and your furry family member to join our family and who knows, on top of having a well trained dog, you may discover you also find a new fun hobby.....spending time with your dog!

Charles and Laura

(Lincoln the black Malinois and George the brown Cattle Dog/Carolina Dog Mix)


K-9 Culture Dog Training

Carrollton, Texas


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