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The Best Tips for Potty Training a Puppy

Your new puppy is cute but they keep making messes around your home. Learn the best tips for potty training a puppy here.

Are you tired of having to clean up after your puppy that's going to the bathroom on your floor?

Potty training a puppy can be frustrating if it isn't something that you've done before. Without understanding the right puppy potty training strategies, it's easy to feel like your endless efforts are going to waste when your pet continues to go to the bathroom in your house.

Thankfully, you can start doing several easy things if you want to quickly potty train your puppy. Read on and we'll tell you everything that you need to know.

Potty Training a New Puppy
Puppy Pee Pad

Start Once You Wake Up

Every day should begin similarly for you and your dog. Once it's time to get up, you take your puppy outside as quickly as you can so that they can go to the bathroom. Don't take time to do things like making coffee, checking your messages, or calling friends until you've first done this.

If you can keep your puppy's crate close to your bedroom, it will be easier for you to hear it when it starts to whimper. This is usually a sign that it needs to go to the bathroom.

If your puppy is still young, it's a good idea to pick it up to carry it outside or take it out on a leash instead of letting it walk on its own. This will decrease the likelihood that your dog will do its business while it's running to go outside.

Just like crate training your puppy, you should start potty training your puppy as soon as you possibly can.

Take Your Puppy Outside After Meals

Once you've taken your puppy outside in the morning, it's time to feed it. Try to schedule feeding time at the same time every day. Since repetition is more important than correction when training a dog, your pet will quickly learn when the right times of day are for it to go to the bathroom.

Once your puppy eats, wait several minutes before taking it outside. As your puppy grows older, you can increase the amount of time between feeding it and taking it outside.

Most puppies will need to poop after meals and they like to eat three or four times per day. This means that you need to be willing to take your dog outside at least half a dozen times every day.

It's also a good idea to keep an eye on your dog after it drinks water. Consider taking them outside several minutes later as a good rule of thumb.

Take Your Puppy Outside After Naps and After Playing

Just like after they sleep at night, your puppies might also need to use the bathroom after they wake up from naps. Your puppy might also need to go to the bathroom after it plays. This is because their digestive tract gets stimulated when they play.

If you want to house train a puppy, you should also know how to tell if your puppy needs to go to the bathroom. One telltale signal to look for is when it starts sniffing around your home or wandering away from people. If you notice that your puppy is doing either of these things, take it outside as quickly as you can.

House Train a Puppy by Rewarding It

Once you get into the habit of taking your dog outside, you can focus on giving it positive reinforcement. You can first find a spot in your yard that you want to designate as its "potty spot."

You should always take your puppy to this space when you want it to go to the bathroom. While standing quietly above your puppy, wait a few seconds before saying the words "do your business," or "go potty."

Wait for your dog to relieve itself and then cheer it for its success. Say warm words to your puppy in a high-pitched voice and don't forget to pet it. You can also offer your pet its favorite treat.

If you do this every time you go outside with your pet, it will start to understand that it's time to go to the bathroom every time you bring it to its special spot.

Keep in mind that puppies don't always go potty when you want them to. If it does not want to relieve itself, go inside for a moment and then return. If they go potty when you are gone, don't forget to cheer it for its success.

Your puppy is also bound to have occasional indoor accidents. When this happens, say "oh no!" to get their attention.

This will probably cause them to stop. Pick up your puppy right away, carry it outside, and praise it when it finishes going to the bathroom outside. Keep them on a leash outside UNTIL they go potty, once they go, THEN then let them off leash to play and explore. Many times puppies go when they come back inside simply because they forgot to go outside because they were busy and distracted.

Plan Ahead When You Need to Leave Your House

There is an easy rule to follow if you want to find out how long it's possible to leave your puppy alone in your house before it will need to go potty. Simply take your puppy's age in months and add one. This is the maximum number of hours that it can be inside without having to use the bathroom.

A two-month-old puppy plus one totals three hours that you can leave it at home without relieving itself. If you need to leave your house for a longer period than this, consider asking a friend or relative to come and check on it when you're gone.

Potty Training a Puppy Is Easier Than People Think

If you want to learn about potty training a puppy in no time at all, don't forget that it's important that you're consistent with taking it outside and that you offer plenty of rewards. Also, be sure to find a spot in your yard to designate as its "potty spot."

If you're looking for help to potty train your dog, we're here for you. We offer various puppy training classes that are taught by highly trained professional dog trainers. If you're ready to get started, please get ahold of us to schedule an evaluation.


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