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Get Dog to Stop Jumping

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Tired of your dog jumping on you every time you come home? Of course, you are glad your dog is so happy to see you, but do they HAVE to jump on you and go crazy when you come in the door?

No, they do not. They can be just as happy to see you and NOT jump on you or everyone that comes to your house.

The reason your dog does this is they do not know how to control or manage their impulses. Think of it like a rich teenager with no self-discipline, they are likely to make a lot of bad choices.

A well-mannered dog is still a happy dog, they just understand how to be happy and show good manners. My dogs are also over the moon happy when we come home, but they Never jump on us. Instead they wiggle a LOT and the LOOK in their eyes says how happy they are. And because they have such good manners and we are not afraid of getting hit in the face by a jumping head, we are able to give them lots of love and pets when we get home.

Besides being irritating when being jumped on by your dog, it is dangerous. Many people lose teeth then their dog’s head hits them in the face. Your dog didn’t mean to hurt you, but it doesn’t change the fact it still hurt.

K9 Culture helps dogs understand how to control that impulse to jump on people. We show them the best way to get lots of love and attention is to keep all four paws on the floor. You puppy or dog just wants attention, so we show them HOW TO get the attention they crave which is through managing their impulse to jump on you.

Nothing is sweater or brings a bigger smile to our face than being greeted by our dog. The sheer joy and love in their eyes can brighten even the worst day we may have had, we just want to help them understand how to greet us appropriately so they can truly be A Dog That Is A JOY To Live With!

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