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Dog Training Toys That You and Your Dog Will Love

Dog training toys can encourage positive behavior and reduce stress. This guide reviews some top choices that are sure to be a hit.

Most puppies will come home around 8 weeks old, and you can begin training them as soon as they come home. A great way to help them learn is by choosing great interactive dog training toys.

But, there are a lot of dog toys out there. From treat dispensing toys to chew rings and teaser toys, it's hard to know where to begin.

Luckily, we've assembled this guide to help you decide on the best dog toys for training your puppies. These toys are even great for older dogs, too!

Best Treat Dispenser for Dog Training: KONG Classic

KONGs have become the go-to treat dispenser for many loving dog owners. In fact, many consider them the gold standard thanks to their incredibly durable surface. This makes them ideal for chewers of any level, including super-chewers.

You can stuff a KONG with many different kinds of treats, including biscuits, peanut butter, goat whip, frozen bananas, or even a mix of any of these!

KONG toys come in 3 different sizes and even have varieties such as the Wobbler, which can stand upright for your dog to knock around. Some other benefits of KONGs include:

  • Prevents barking and digging

  • Great for occupying teething puppies

  • Delivers mental stimulation

Best Puzzle Toy: Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy

There are plenty of interactive puzzle toys out there, but Outward Hound's toy is one of the most versatile. It features a plush tree trunk full of holes and five squeaky squirrels hidden inside for your pup to find.

The trunk is spacious enough to add in extra toys. You can even stuff it with treats to keep your dog excited.

This kind of dog toy is perfect for engaging your pup's brain and encouraging incredible mental simulation.

Best Chew Toy: Monster K9 Ultra Durable Chew Ring

The Monster K9 Ultra Durable Chew Ring is designed to be virtually indestructible. They even come with a lifetime guarantee and are tested by dogs who are tough chewers.

Additionally, these chew rings are non-toxic, so you can hand them to your teething pup-in-training completely guilt-free.

Your pup shouldn't be able to chew through this ring, but if they can, Monster K9 will get you a replacement. Based on reviews, it takes an extremely big dog with a strong bite to even manage this amazing feat.

Best Plush Toy for Training: Sedioso Plush Toy

The soft cotton of the Sediosos plush toy is perfect for protecting your dog's gums. It also features an internal squeaker to keep your buddy engaged and interested.

These plush toys, which come in fox, eagle, and hippo varieties, also feature rope "legs." These make it great for fetch or for use as a tug toy.

With multi-use features, the Sedioso plush toy is perfect for keeping your pup engaged and feeling rewarded.

Best Tug Toy: GoughNuts Tug Dog Toy

The GoughNuts Tug Dog Toy is designed for power chewers. It's great for playing tug-of-war, especially with larger breeds.

The toy features a double ring so your hands can stay separated from your pup's mouth. This allows you and your pup to get deep into play without fear of damage or danger.

Another great feature, the GoughNuts Tug Toy can float, so you won't lose it if you're playing around a pool or other body of water.

Best Teaser Dog Training Toy: Outward Hound Tail Teaser

This toy may look similar to a cat toy, but your dog will love playing with it, too. The Tail Teaser is perfect for providing both puppies and adult dogs with mental stimulation.

While this toy isn't ideal for more rowdy dogs or aggressive players, it does feature a durable nylon cord to make it stronger than a cat toy. As long as you don't try to play tug of war with your pup, this toy can provide plenty of fun during play sessions.

The Tail Teaser toy is also perfect for agility training, as it's sure to get your pup running and jumping. You can even let the kids work with the pup using this toy, as the string and handle will keep them at a safe distance from your dog's mouth.

Best Fetch Toy: Chuck It! Ultra Ball

Most dogs love tennis balls. Playing fetch can be a great way for them to get much-needed exercise. The Chuck It! Ultra Ball is the best way to take fetch to the next level.

This ball is made from high-quality, durable rubber. This makes it last a little longer than your traditional tennis ball, even if you have a super-chewer. It also features a thick rubber core that your pup isn't likely to chew through.

Additionally, the Ultra Ball is compatible with the Chuck It! Ball Launcher, so you can really send it flying. Plus, it's bright surface means it won't easily blend into your yard, garden, or dog park.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Since there are so many different types of dog toys, you need to know which one is right for your dog. Some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing any of the above toys include:

  • Is the toy size appropriate?

  • Will the toy help with the type of training you're doing?

  • Is the toy priced within your budget?

  • Is it easy to clean?

You should also check out the reviewers from other dog owners to get a first-hand view of their experience with any toys. Toys are a great way to keep your puppy engaged, you just need to find the right one!

Dog Training Toys For Every Puppy

Interactive dog training toys are a great way to keep your puppy engaged, healthy, and stimulated. They're even great for keeping adult dogs satisfied. Now that you know more about some of the best on the market, you can find one that's perfect for your pup.

For professional help training your puppy or adult dog in the Dallas area, schedule a consultation with our team of experts. From group classes to one-on-one sessions, we have plenty of options that can help train even the most enthusiastic pups!

Have FUN with you dog!

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