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Can Obedience Commands Save A Dog’s Life?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

According to an ASPCS survey: 47% of dogs in shelters are there because of behavior issues or “pet problems.” It is a sad statistic that half of dogs in shelters were abandoned or given up on because their family’s did not feel they could deal with them anymore.

What is even more tragic about this statistic is it does not have to be this way. 60% of the dogs K-9 Culture Dog Training trains in our Carrollton, Texas facility are rescue dogs. Our goal is the dogs we teach obedience training, never go back to a shelter again. This may seem like a no brainer goal, but it is not if there is a root cause or underlying issue the dog needs to learn how to overcome.

Well trained dogs with good obedience training and good manners do not typically end up in a shelter or pound.

Dog obedience training is MORE than obedience. Yes, it is wonderful to have a dog that will Sit, Lay, Stay, Come, Heel and Walk Politely on a leash. But obedience is deeper than merely commands. Obedience commands are communication.

Obedience commands give you, the handler, and your fur baby the ability to communicate using words. It gives your dog the ability to understand what you want instead of guessing of you want. Dogs that do not have a strong repertoire of obedience skills is a dog that is forced to guess a lot and dogs do not guess any better than humans. Sometimes they will be right but often they will guess wrong at what you want or what makes you happy and what does not.

Obedience is basically structure and routines. A dog without a solid basis of obedience is like every day is Saturday. It is way too much “free time” for them to make decisions on how to occupy their time. A happy dog is a dog that understands appropriate behaviors and how to occupy their time. The stronger you dog’s obedience, the more freedom they can handle.

As humans, we would never let a 2-year-old stroll randomly around the house unattended doing whatever they want all day long. But as pet owners, that is exactly what many people tend to do with their dog. It is almost like setting them up to fail and fail they will. This is what leads to many destructive issues and bad habits that need to be corrected later.

A dog without a strong set of obedience commands and impulse control is like being on perpetual COVID lockdown with no TV and no Internet! Obedience and Impulse Control gives your dog the skills to make better choices, better decisions. Think of it like self-discipline. Through there obedience skills they learn to manage their impulses, make better decisions and their negative behaviors that are boredom driven go away.

If your dog is struggling with controlling their impulses, being destructive, jumping on everyone or basically just bad manners; we at K9 Culture Dog Training can help your dog learn how to be A Dog That Is A JOY To Live With!

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