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Aglity dog training

Tired of feeling like you're being taken for a walk by your energetic and enthusiastic dog? Does it seem like your furry friend thinks life is one big party, and every day is Saturday night?

Perhaps you've noticed that when you say "COME," your dog interprets it as a secret code for "Chase Me!"

It can be frustrating and even exhausting to deal with a dog that seems to have boundless energy and a mind of its own.


We have the solution you've been searching for to transform your daily walks and life at home into enjoyable, stress-free experiences for both you and your dog.

Want to Know the #1 Complaint We Get from our Dog Owners?


That they didn't come to us sooner!

We are a family-owned and operated business, not a corporate franchise.

Every dog is one-of-a-kind and demands personalized approaches and interactions, not a franchise "system" that limits our ability to be creative and intentional with each and every dog we work with.

Duration - Distance - Distractions
Two Private Lessons
Two Months of Weekly Group Classes

Ideal for the dog that just doesn't know what to do.

Duration - Distance - Distractions
AKC Community Skills

Three Private Lessons
Three Months Weekly Group Classes

Ideal for the dog that needs training and may have fear, reactive, or aggressive issues. Or you want your dog's obedience to be Advanced in highly distracting environments and situations.
The pathway to an off-leash dog without the need of a shock collar.


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What To Expect


  • NO electronic/shock collar put on your dog, our trainers don't need them

  • We Will Meet and Tour Our Training Facility

  • Evaluate Your Dog's Behavior Issues & Habits

  • Determine What Is Causing Your Dog's Behaviors

  • Create A Training Plan To Fit Your Goals, Lifestyle & Environment

  • See us work with dogs in training. We do not use "Demo" dogs, we want you to see real training with dogs IN training.

What may look like stubborn resistance, is often a lack of clarity.

A confused dog cannot obey.

Like humans, dogs do not "rise to the occassion."  They sink to the level of their training.  We can Help You and Your Dog start living a Better Life Together!

Hurry, openings are extremely limited

Reserve Your Spot Today!

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Scheduling your Dog's Evaluation with the Metroplex's Premiere Dog Trainer is


We aren't like any other dog training company. Our programs are completely customized based on your dog's current situation, and your relationship/behavior goals with them. We don't train every dog the same because not every dog is the same!

Before picking a Dallas dog trainer for your beloved pet, it's crucial for their well-being and happiness that you pay us a visit. See for yourself why we are voted Dallas' Favorite Dog Trainer. 

With Daily Video Updates, a personalized Training Journal, Follow Up Group Classes and Unlimited Phone and Email Support throughout your dog's lifetime, and CORE Obedience Commands GUARANTEED, we've got you covered! 

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Hurry, openings are extremely limited

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If Your Dog Could

"Fix" Themself, They

Already Would Have

Hurry, openings are extremely limited

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