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How To Fix Your Dog's


With Dallas Metro Area's

Premier Dog Trainer

Dog Training Philosophy K9 Culture

Are you Struggling with Reactivity or Aggression with your dog?

Does one of these describe your current situation?

  • My dog doesn't "come" when I call, or listen to any basic commands (down, stay, etc)

  • I’m nervous to walk my dog in public because how he acts when he sees people

  • It's impossible to walk my dog in public without pulling me or lunging at other dogs

  • I avoid having company over because my dog barks at them

  • My dog gets protective and aggressive towards other dogs or humans when they get too close to me

  • I'm afraid that my dog's unpredictable behavior might result in a bite

Image by Isabel Vittrup-Pallier

Are you living the life with your dog you envisioned when you got them?

Dog Training


If any of these describes your's time for you to get an evaluation from the premier DFW Metroplex’s aggressive dog trainer.

Even if you have already tried a different trainer in the past...most of our client’s tried many other trainers before they found us.​

What's All Included


  • We Will Meet You At Our Facility

  • We Evaluate Your Dog's Current Behavior Issues & Bad Habits

  • We'll Tell You Why Or What Is Causing Your Dog's Unwanted Behavior

  • We'll Create A Custom Training Plan To Fit Your Goals, Lifestyle & Environment

  • We'll Even Give You Some Pointers During This First Visit

Hurry, openings are extremely limited

Read what Aryn had to say before she found K-9 Culture:

Sometimes it may feel overwhelming and there’s just no help, don’t give up. Your dog doesn’t want to live like this either.


Even if you feel like your dog is "too old" or "too far gone" to correct their behavior...

What do you have to lose?

Click the button below now, and reserve your in person evaluation now!

If you are struggling with aggression or reactivity issues, K-9 Culture can help You and Your Dog!

We have an amazing process we have developed in working with human aggressive and reactive dogs and feel there is no other dog training company that approaches this problem the way we do nor with the success rate we have.

*Due to the time involved and specific skills required to deal with reactivity and aggression issues we maintain Limited Openings for reactive/aggressive dogs.

Children with a dog

What client’s that felt the same and dealt with the same issues as you have to say:


Hurry, openings are extremely limited

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