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Struggling with

Dog Reactivity

or Aggression?

It's not the Behavior, it is the State of Mind that is the Issue that needs addressed.

What most people call aggression in dogs is really just an inappropiate response to fear and uncertainty.

What's All Included


  • We Will Meet and Tour Our Training Facility

  • Evaluate Your Dog's Behavior Issues & Habits

  • Determine What Is Causing Your Dog's Behaviors

  • Create A Custom Training Plan To Fit Your Goals, Lifestyle & Environment

  • See us work with dogs in training. We do not use "Demo" dogs, we want you to see real training with dogs IN training.

  • No Program Commitment Required

What may look like stubborn resistance, is often a lack of clarity. A confused dog cannot obey.

Dogs do not "rise to the occassion." They sink to the level of their training. We can Help You and Your Dog start living a Better Life Together!

Hurry, openings are extremely limited

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Dog on Blue

You Are NOT Alone!

  • Are you embarrassed by your dog's behavior?

  • Is it impossible to walk them in public without barking or lunging at other dogs or people?

  • Do you avoid having company over because your dog barks at and jumps all over your guests?

  • Does your dog get protective and aggressive towards other dogs or even humans that get close to you?

  • Are you afraid that your dog's unpredictable behavior might result in a bite or continue to get worse?

  • Practiced bahaviors will not change on their own.

  • Maybe your dog is doing the best it can with the information it has been provided.

  • Reactivity and Aggression do not just "go away." They intensify the more they are repeated over time.


Image by Lars Millberg

If you answered "Yes" to ANY

of these questions...

Scheduling your Dog's FREE Evaluation with the Premiere Dallas Metro Area Dog Trainer is


Here's Why

Firstly, we aren't like any other dog training or dog behavior business. Our programs are completely customized based on your dog's current situation, and your relationship/behavior goals with them. We don't train every dog the same because not every dog is the same, and that's the beauty of it!

Secondly, we provide unlimited free phone and email support for the life of your dog! This is a part of our K-9 Culture Satisfaction Promise.


Hurry, openings are extremely limited


If Your Dog Could

"Fix" Themself, They

Already Would Have

Hurry, openings are extremely limited

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