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Finding A Good Dog Trainer

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Finding A Good Dog Trainer in the Dallas area.

Different dog trainers have different philosophies and approaches in training with dogs. This is certainly no scientific statistic, but I would venture to say that EVERY SINGLE dog trainer trains slightly different. We are human after all, not robots.

In the world of dog training there are conflicting opinions on the correct or incorrect way to train a dog or train specific commands. The Dallas Texas Metro area is not different in respect to Dallas area dog trainers. Like any profession for every 100 dog trainers there are 100 opinions and some of them can be quite vocal. The key is just because someone yells…does not make them right.

At the end of the day, so long as the dog trainer loves dogs, is not harming the dog and their style of training matches your goals and your philosophy you are most likely a good fit for each other.

We always say, have the relationship with your dog that YOU want to have, they are part of Your family after all.

Dog training is not an event, it is a process and it is a longer process than most pet owners expect or wish it were. A two-week board and train can certainly achieve a lot, but it is unreasonable to expect a “finished product” or a dog that needs no more training or “polishing” in a short two-week period of time.

The reason it takes some time is variety and environmental changes need to be part of the process and layering many environments, which include locations AND types of distractions and the intensity of the distractions, play a key role in helping your dog develop advanced obedience and dependability through proper associations.

Many trainers and some pet owners get wrapped around the axle about words/titles and tools instead of approach and intent.

Notice we did not say “result,” but intent. For of course, a less than reputable dog trainer may be overly zealous in getting a specific result with the dog for their client at the expense of the dog’s well-being. But those types of trainers are few and far between for an abusive trainer will typically not be in business very long. Most dog trainers truly do love dogs and enjoy working with them every day.

There are several dog training methods or types of dog training. From Clicker Trainers, Purely Positive Trainers, Treat Trainers, eCollar or Electronic Trainers, Mirror Training, Balanced Trainers, Relationship Based Training, Alpha or Dominance Training and a few other terms that come and go. Most dog training methods overlap each other in one form or another.

We are not going to judge one training method over another. As already mentioned, no matter what method a trainer may primarily follow; if they are customizing the training based upon the needs of the dog, the trainer will most likely incorporate a mixture of all the above. It’s the dog trainer that is close minded to any other input, ideas or approaches that tend to only be able to work with easy to train dogs and can’t work with aggressive dogs or super stubborn dogs that are not treat driven. There are just so many ways to communicate and motivate a dog, that limiting yourself to ONLY one method or style limits the trainer’s ability to help as many dogs as possible.

Not all humans learn the same way for we are emotional creatures. Not all dogs learn the same way either. We are asked which type of trainer K9 Culture Dog Training is and we’re always hesitant to say we are “A TYPE” for it depends upon the dog, their energy level, their ability to focus and if there are any behavioral issues we’re needing to address as well as the goals of the owner. There are endless variables that make each dog unique and that dog’s training slightly different than another’s.

Positive? Of course, we want to motivate the dog and make them happy and ensure they are having FUN during the process of learning. But we do say the word No or Nope or give a slight tug on the leash when required, yes; although a purely positive trainer does not do that for they feel that is negative.

Every side seems to take the extreme and at K-9 Culture we are just not extremists. You could almost say our society is trending toward being extreme in everything, but if we are honest it is just the noisy sides that are extreme. Most people in general are somewhere in the middle. For that reason, we do not judge other trainers’ methods so long as they are not hurting the dog and they approach the training with good intent.

First and foremost, what is RIGHT FOR THIS SPECIFIC DOG? That is all that matters to us and if we train 800 dogs this year, we will train 800 slightly different ways. Every dog has their own unique personality. They each have their own goofy idiosyncrasies. They may all be dogs but not all dogs are the same.

If we were going to “pick a label” it would be a combination of Balanced and Relationship Based trainers with an emphasis on understanding through communication and with that, we do use an eCollar as part of the communication process, but not to correct for using it as a correction is call Escape Avoidance Training or Compulsion Based Training and we strongly disagree with both of those methods for we feel the intent is out of alignment with our values and our goals for our dogs and clients. But there is an example of each trainer having a strong opinion about training and training methods. The key is not being a zealot about it.

If you find an amazing dog trainer you like and you feel they will do a great job with you and your dog and treat your dog well while in their care, then they are a good fit for you. Do you trust them with your beloved family member? Do you know what they are doing, and do you feel they have the ability to achieve what you want in a manner you like? If so, they are the trainer for you!

If you are in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and are looking for good obedience dog training for your pup, give K-9 Culture Dog Training in Carrollton, TX a call and come tour our 47,000 Square Foot Indoor Training Facility to see if we are the right dog trainer for you and your goals.

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