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8 Activities for Your High Energy Dog

8 Activities for Your High Energy Dog

Is your hyperactive pup wearing you out? Read this guide for eight activities you can do to help tire down your high energy dog.

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Helping Your Dog with their Energy

Do you own a high-energy dog like a German Shepherd, Malinios or a Retriever?

A high-energy dog can drive anyone crazy. They need a lot of attention and activities before they'll calm down and rest. You might have to run around chasing them through the house whenever they feel like running or when they spot a mouse or cat.

Fortunately, there are activities you can try out to exhaust and calm a hyperactive dog. Check out our list below to learn how you (and your dog) can get some exercise and much-needed rest afterward:

1. Frisbee

There are a lot of great toys for high-energy dogs but the frisbee easily tops the list of choices. It's one of the oldest toys out there but that doesn't take away the fact it's an amazing option for active dogs.

Other toys include flirt poles, toys for tugging, and remote-control toys for dogs to chase. A frisbee, however, is both affordable and great because of its simplicity.

All you need is a nice open space to throw it and let your dog catch and retrieve it. You don't have to do much. Let your dog do the work.

2. Dog Parkour

Most high-energy dogs love to run but don't simply go out and jog. Give them a workout by turning your local neighborhood into a parkour freeway. Let them jump on benches, run through tunnels, and go up and down slides.

Not only does a little dog parkour give your pet a better workout but it also makes the adventure more exciting. This eliminates the mundane feeling you or your dog might experience from running the same route every morning.

If you can, plot different parkour routes for the week. Three different routes to switch things up.

3. Learning Tricks

Don't believe in the saying that you can't teach old dogs new tricks. All dogs can learn but it's a matter of patience and training methods. Find the right rhythm and style and you can tire out dogs with high energy levels by teaching them new tricks.

Tricks require both physical and mental training. The added pressure and complex training can tire a hyperactive dog out in no time. Of course, don't get mad at your dog if they don't pick up the tricks in one try; these require repetition and time.

You can start with simple tricks, like shaking paws, rolling on the ground, or sitting on command. Don't fret if you're not accustomed to training dogs. You can join group classes, which we'll tackle below.

4. Riding a Bike

If running or jogging seems boring, you can choose to ride a bike instead. Riding a bike is a lot more engaging for you and your dog but it can get too exhausting. Make sure to ask your vet to check if your dog can keep up with this type of activity.

Can your dog run alongside you while you bike?

That's great, but you now need a good leash. Get a longer, thicker leash to give your dog some room. This will also prevent them from getting tangled with the bike.

Look for leashes made for biking. These attach to your bike and keep your dog at a safe distance.

5. Obedience Training

Did you know that you can also train a high-energy dog to calm down and relax? You can achieve this through obedience training. This type of training focuses on teaching a dog how to behave, calm down, and sit still.

For example, you can teach them to sit down when you open a door instead of letting them run outside. You can teach them to relax when there's a visitor or a cat in the house.

If you're a low-energy person with high-energy dog, obedience training is going to be a priority. You won't have to run around chasing your dog once they learn.

6. Group Classes

Not sure what to do with a high-energy dog because it's your first time owning one? It's okay to feel a little lost. Some experts can guide you through the process of training your companion.

That's where group classes shine. These classes use controlled areas with little to no distractions. Environments like this ensure that your dog can concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Of course, the biggest benefit is the fact you get guidance and tips from a professional dog trainer. You'll get to bond and train with your dog under expert tutelage and you might make new friends in the class too!

7. Dog Backpack

A dog backpack adds a few extra pounds without hurting them. The added weight lets will exhaust them faster and give them a good physical workout. Try this out if you'll take your pet out on a jog or parkour trip.

There is one added benefit: you can also keep items in the dog backpack. Use the backpack to carry medications, your phone, dog toys, or a first aid kit.

8. Hiking

Are you up for an adventure? If you want an activity both you and a high-energy dog can enjoy, try uphill hiking! This is a fun activity that can last for hours or even half a day, depending on the hill or mountain you climb.

But why stop with a hike? If you love the outdoors, you can bring a tent along with you and camp out with your dog. Turning this into a weekly or bi-weekly activity is a fun way to exhaust and train your dog.

Try These High-Energy Dog Activities Today

Taking care of a high-energy dog can seem like a huge ordeal. However, with these eight ideas, you can manage them and train them to behave. Take them out for a bicycle trip, do some parkour, or participate in group classes and obedience training.

Don't fret if you need help training your high-energy dog in Dallas, TX. We're here to guide you through every step. Feel free to message us right here for any dog training assistance.

Have FUN with your Dog!

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