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7 Tips for Choosing a Dog Training Class

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Choosing a dog training class for your pup is a big decision. If you've never used a dog trainer before, it can be hard to know what to look for.

The key is finding a dog trainer that both you and your dog are comfortable with. The experience does not need to be a stressful one. If you're looking for dog training courses, we can help!

Here are some things to look for in a quality dog training class.

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The Reputation of the Trainer

A good way to begin looking for a trainer is by asking your local veterinarian or animal shelter if there's a trainer they recommend. Someone who works with dogs on a daily basis is often a good resource.

Ask friends and family if they've had experience with a dog trainer in the area. Ask whether they enjoyed the experience and would recommend their services.

If possible, talk to people who have used the obedience trainer for their pets. Ask the dog trainer to provide references as well.

A reputable trainer should be happy to answer any questions you may have. It's always a good idea to visit the trainer's website and Definitely Insist on visiting their location to learn about their business, experience, background, and to physically see where your dog will train and sleep.

Take the time to read online reviews as well. One or two unfavorable reviews aren't a problem if the majority of reviews are favorable. When reading positive reviews are they just 5 stars with no comments and if they have comments are they very generic comments? This is important for often, some unreputable dog trainers buy positive google reviews and you can usually tell by reading them that they just don't "feel" genuine.

Knowledge and Experience

The trainer's background and experience matter. Ask how long they have been in the business and find out about their education and what they do to continue to learn.

Some trainers have affiliations with dog training and behavior associations. The more background and experience in the industry, the better.

Choose a trainer with a solid reputation in your community. Take the time to observe the trainer at work before bringing your dog to obedience classes.

Have an idea of what you hope to accomplish with your dog and share this information with the trainer. Are you hoping for an obedient house pet, a search and rescue dog, a show dog, or something else?

Find dog training courses that focus on what you're looking for. When you do this, the trainer is more likely to meet your expectations.

Communication Skills

Trainers have to be good with dogs but they need to communicate with pet parents too. The trainer should be comfortable around dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Your dog should be at ease around the trainer as well. They should inform you about the plan for your pet and keep you updated on the status of your pet's training.

The trainer should use terminology you understand and be willing to answer your questions. Effective trainers are good communicators who enjoy working with dogs and families.

Training Methods

Dog training methods vary. You want to choose a trainer who uses methods you feel comfortable with.

Dogs are different too, and what works with one may not work for another. The trainer should be flexible and willing to adjust to the needs of your dog.

When something isn't working with your dog, a professional trainer should have the skills and expertise to try other training methods and not be locked into only one style or method.

A good trainer is also a good motivator. When your dog is motivated, it will be more willing to learn and is more likely to learn quickly.

Skilled trainers recognize when a dog is struggling and will work to make a connection with your dog and nudge them forward in training.

You want a trainer who uses primarily positive reinforcement to correct negative behaviors. This is one of the best ways to enforce positive behaviors while building a relationship with your pet.

A positive training atmosphere is best. This helps dogs overcome fears of people, uncertain environments, and other dogs.

Having a love for dogs and a sense of humor is a must for any dog trainer. They should be friendly, open to your input, and at ease around your pet.

Class Structure

Class size and structure are important elements of dog training classes. Small classes allow the trainer to give more individual attention to the dogs.

Take a look at the facility and find out if there's enough room available for the dogs to participate in the activities. There should be some pet-parent involvement as well.

If the trainer wants family involvement in some classes, do your best to attend. The more invested the trainer and the family are in the pet's training, the more likely it is to be successful.

Most trainers require the dogs to be up-to-date on vaccinations. Be sure to make sure your pet has their vaccinations and is ready for obedience training.

Some facilities offer a variety of dog training options and times. If you can't make daytime classes fit your schedule, look for a facility that offers evening classes.

Some trainers will work with you to provide a convenient training time. Some offer weekend dog training courses for those who can't attend during the week.

Choose the Best Dog Training Class

Your dog is part of your family. Choosing the right dog training class is important for the future health and happiness of your much-loved pup.

Take the time to do a little research on the trainer, the facilities, and the training methods. Choose a dog training class that involves you in your pet's training.

At K-9 Culture, we help dogs develop the skills they need to listen to you and be more confident and focused in distracting environments. There's a lot of psychology involved in dog training.

Our goal is for your dog to understand and follow your commands. We're here to help!

Contact K-9 Culture today to learn more.

If you are looking for the best dog trainer near me or the best dog trainer in dallas or even the best dog trainer in Texas, K9 Culture the the place for you and your dog.

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